Our Activewear


An urban style that uses high performance, breathable fabrics to intermix comfort, functionality & beauty in a fresh, modern classic, edgy design.

Activewear reinvented in the image of the GMOVE woman.

A GMOVE woman is

Elaine Ellis

Elaine is slender, tall and a bit dainty but, she’s fierce, full of love and passionate to help the Less Fortunate and the Undeserving in the community. She’s witty and at times a prankster, making mischief in an otherwise serious and at times boring boardroom setting! Thus earning her the nickname: EQ™ short for Elaine, Queen of Trouble Makers!

She’s a devoted daughter, wife, sister and Auntie to two beautiful girls. But perhaps her biggest role in life comes from her enthusiasm for serving others. She’s first & foremost a philanthropist in the truest sense.

Elaine is involved with several organizations and continues to serve on numerous nonprofit Boards, all her roles uncompensated. She is currently serving a second term as the Chair of the Board for the Neighborhood House.

Q & A with Elaine Ellis

Angie Layton

Angie, Miss Utah 2014, is more than just another gorgeous woman. sit with her a few minutes and you’ll realize there’s much more to her than just a pretty face and a perfect body; she is a kind and sweet soul. when it comes to being a professional she is a superwoman. she can rock the sexy bombshell look on the set but she has a heart of gold that always comes through her beautiful smile. Playful & energetic, Angie embodies the beauty & grace of the spirited GMOVE woman.

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Q & A with Angie Layton

Camille Fiducia

Camille is an avid climber, life enthusiast and yogi! she’s quirky & funny and the most beautiful tomboy we’ve ever met! we had so much fun on the set we her we didn’t want to end the shoot. she knows just how to live it up but keep herself grounded through meditation and reflecting on what’s important in life. being in demand her modeling takes her on travels to the mountains one week and the ocean the next. we love this kick ass girl and feel she embodies what we at GMOVE believe about how life should be lived!

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Follow her journey on her insta page @camabam
Q & A with Camille Fiducia

Melissa Snow

Melissa is an impressive women with an impressive background! she graduated from the U of U with a full ride scholarship in dance, moved to NYC,danced with the radio city rockets, danced on broadway, then was hired by acompany in Monaco, got to dance with James Brown, Frank Sinatra, Diana Ross,lots of big band stars….moved to Paris, danced at Le Lido de Paris on thechamps elysees, modeled with Absolute agency in Paris, did defiles for Thierry Mugler, Yves Saint Laurent…..

Q & A with Melissa Snow